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Domestic discipline spanking?
My husband and I are in a domestic discipline relationship with him being HOH. When he spanks me, instead of me being over his knee, he makes me take off all of my clothes and lay on the bed on my stomach. Then, while he spanks, he will stop from time to time and run his hands over my cheeks. All of you HOH's out there, what is this process called?
lol. whoa there.

That's called kinky....that's pretty much it, haha
ANyboby know any good domestic discipline or spanking story sites?
Where can i fond sites for spanking stories?
SIN (Spanking InterNet) has a good stories section, as do Spanking Classics and Our Castle. But there are plenty of others, and I'm constantly discovering new ones. IM me if you like, and I'll send you a list.
What do you think of Loving Domestic Discipline (Husband spanking the wife for bad behavior)?
We were always constantly arguing about the smallest things and our marriage was a not that long ago my husband suggested that we try domestic discipline..for those of who you don't know it just means he gets to spank me over his knee or sometimes he uses his belt if he's really angry if i disobey him. sometimes he spanks me just because he feels like it..its only been a few weeks but i cant believe how much ive changed! and the change in hubby has been amazing..before i was always telling my husband what to do and sometimes even questioning his final decisions- but the spankings have really helped me learn my proper place and accept his authority as head of the household. i feel submissive after my husband spanks me which helps me be a better wife to him. im so happy that we decided to do has made such a big difference to our relationship! :)
I hope you are joking!
Christian Domestic Discipline where the man is head of the household and the wife is spanked if she disobeys?
Okay, I know that wives are supposed to be submissive but I am talking about the spanking part, discipline if the wife disobeys. A woman told me she wanted to borrow a dollar from her husband to get a spr from the drink machine at work and he wouldn't let her do it because they had soda at home so she started talking back to him and he spanked her. (Kids were upstairs, don't see that) I mean do you think that is right?
Sounds kinky to me!
Christian Domestic Discipline = Perverse Sexual Behaviour?
I can believe that!

PS. Hubby asks where he can get the video.
Domestic discipline: spanked by proxy?
My husband and I live a domestic discipline lifestyle. He was recently promoted at work, which is great, but it means he will be traveling a lot for his job. While he is out of town, he wants me to submit to full maintenance spankings (fully nude, spanked to his guidelines) from an older neighbor couple (who also practice LDD). He will not force me to do this; I would only participate if I choose to, and I do see the benefits in continuing a regular routine.

Does anyone else in the LDD community submit to spankings by proxy? If so, how does it work?

Note: I am not looking for judgments on our lifestyle--I am seeking answers only from others who share this CONSENSUAL lifestyle.
I don't know if you intend it, but this question is pretty provacative. Hmmmm. Thanks for the fantastic visual, and good luck with your upcoming 3some!
My boyfriend believes in domestic discipline & wants to start spanking me for misdeeds should I let him?
I decided to give it a try & he put me over his knee last week & gave me 30 very hard spanks with a paddle for lying to him then last night I got 20 strokes with a switch he picked for cursing at him my but is bruised & it still hurts he spanked me bare bottom both times I dont know if I like this new arrangement in our relationship any input would help thanks
im sorry to hear about that.

this shouldnt be, sweetie. even guys shouldnt experience such. Both of you are adults and can talk things through than spanking and hitting.

if he's very strict with this so-called domestic discipline, i would like to suggest to talk to him. If he doesnt change or not willing to compromise, please leave him. for your own sake.

Domestic Discipline??? ?
My wife and I have recently begun a domestic discipline relationship. I am the dominant and she obeys what I say.

I hate it. I was raised to believe women are equal to men, and when my wife "misbehaves," it is my "role" in our relationship to take charge and discipline her. Which as we agreed upon is usually is a spanking. I feel sick pulling her over my lap and spanking her. She is my wife, not a guy.

But she has never been happier. It seems she loves the structure and being held accountable for her actions.

So do I continue because it makes her happy, or discontinue because it makes me uncomfortable?
So tell her. If it's not working for you and makes you sick inside, then it's not working.
How do you feel about domestic discipline where the husband is in charge and spanks the wife when she is bad?
For example, if the woman throws a fit in public she might get spanked when she gets home. I'm not guyding or playing around. This is a real lifestyle called domestic discipline. You can even look it up on the internet.
i also believe in lunatics that revert to Middle Ages principles should be locked up and punished~
Loving Domestic Discipline?
Loving Domestic Discipline?
I'm very interested about spanking in Loving Domestic Discipline relationship when wife must obey husband and accept him like Head Of House. If wife deserve to be punished he must do it his duty and give her sound spanking.

What is your opinion about such loving authority in home?

Would you be so kind and give answers about following questions please: what is your opinion about:

1. erotic spanking?
2. discipline spanking?
3. therapeutic spanking?
4. How long are you interesting about spanking?
5. Since when you know about spanking?
6. Would you wash husband, socks by your hands if He want it?

Best regards and hug

Markis de Spank
Hello Markis,
your question is very interesting to see in this century. Anyhow, I am viewing it in a humanity angle. like you said, in a loving relationship, it is up to them what they want to do and how they want it. For example, it was acceptable and evident from our Indian literature to scratch, bite or spank the partner during they make love (it applies to both male and female),but, in my opinion, it should be done very carefully without causing any severe bruises and infection as a result. However, you should not be violent or hurt your partner physically, or emotionally. Love can take you to any extent, but, remember to save a sweet memory out of it, not an unrepairable damage.Finally, yes, it is acceptable to wash and sock a husband .But, it will be extremely romatic if a wife and husband wash eachother. I also want to give you another example about Lord Krishna and Satya who were great lovers and wife and husband. Krishna was kicked by Satya when he attempts to convince her for his mistake and offers a foot message. On the other hand, Radha and Meera worshipped Krishna unconditionally. So, my basic point is, anything is acceptable as long as it is safe and there is love, and respect between each other. Good luck.
Domestic discipline?
How do you view the concept of spanking a wife? Is this just a form of domestic violence, or is it a concential choice that is up to the couple in question?
Depends on the couple, if both are happy then go ahead but never force someone to do something they're not comfortable with.

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